Universal Specialty Pharmacy is now RxUniversal Pharmacy. Same staff and same high quality customer care! We now fill all retail + specialty prescriptions!

About Us

Rx Universal Pharmacy is a full service, family owned pharmacy that provides the highest quality service to our all of our patients. You no longer have to worry about waiting in lines or chasing down refills, we've got you covered.

Your prescriptions will now be delivered to you on time with no delivery fee! We accept most insurance plans, and offer great cash pricing.
Get started today with RxUniversal by submitting the form(s) below. Once you submit, we'll get in contact with your current pharmacy or doctor;s office to set up your transfer of prescriptions. Our pharmacy team is here to make sure you have access to the most convenient options when it comes to getting your prescriptions.

  • –  Verification of Insurance Benefits
  • –  Refill Reminders
  • –  Financial Assistance
  • –  Drug Management by Qualified Pharmacist
  • –  Comprehensive Disease State Management and Coordination of Care

Rx Universal Pharmacy Focuses on Communication

Rx Universal provides individualized patient care to fit your needs. RxUniversal works at all levels of the healthcare system to provide therapy management for clients with chronic and complex conditions. When physicians, clinics and Health systems partner with RxUniversal your patients enjoy seamless continuity of care, financial assistance and insurer support. Our account manager and staff provide a customized specialty program to meet the unique needs of payer clients, patients and insurers.

RxUniversal wants to help make the process of receiving your prescriptions as easy as possible!
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