Managing chronic health conditions shouldn't feel like a full-time job or hinder your quality of life.

Managing chronic health conditions doesn’t have to feel like a full-time job or hinder your quality of life. By providing direct access to the most effective specialty medications and coordinated health care interventions, Rx Universal Pharmacy strives to provide the heightened level of support to allow you to focus on your goals and what matters most to you. Our dedication to specialty care extends to a vast array of chronic conditions.

Rx Universal Pharmacy Puts Patients First!

At Rx Universal Pharmacy, improving the lives of our clients is our priority. This dedication to disease management and patient care includes forming direct lines of communication with your primary healthcare providers, developing an extensive care plan, and continued monitoring to track regimen outcomes.

Order prescription refills: Electronically managing your refills helps to ensure medical adherence. Email and text notifications keep your medications stocked and ready for when you need them.

Home delivery: Eliminate the hassle of trying to fit prescription pick ups into your schedule. We deliver straight to you at your convenience.

Let Rx Universal Pharmacy take the stress and anxiety out of managing life with a chronic health conditions. Contact us today!

Fast Facts About Universal Specialty Pharmacy

Universal Specialty Pharmacy is located in Atlanta, GA but services all of Georgia and surrounding states.
ePrescribing allows for direct comunication and coordination of care between doctors and pharmacists.
Refill reminders, delivery scheduling, and online bill pay make keeping up with medication simple and convenient. Financial assistance is available.
Partnerships between specialists and pharmacists allow for greater comprehensive disease state management.
Universal Specialty Pharmacy accepts various insurances including Medicare and Medicaid. Free benefits checks are available online.

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