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Going Above and Beyond to Provide Access to all Specialty & Non-Specialty Medications.

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Our Services

In our ongoing mission to increase accessibility to vital specialty medications, Universal Specialty Pharmacy is dedicated to making it easier than ever to stay on top of your medical needs. Our online portal simplifies the prescription filling process for both physicians and patients.

For Patients

    Rx Universal Pharmacy takes the guesswork out of keeping track of your prescriptions and refills. Our digital interface allows your physician to send prescriptions directly to the pharmacy, streamlining the filling process to get you the specialty medication you need as soon as possible.

    Communicate with Your Pharmacists

    Have questions about your medications? Worried about a potential side effect? Rx Universal Pharmacy makes it easy to submit questions and document concerns. One of our highly trained and experienced specialty pharmacists will contact you as soon as possible to discuss these and any other inquiries you may have.

    For Healthcare Providers

    Rx Universal Pharmacy provider portal consolidates the prescription process into a simple to navigate digital system. Efficiently maintain your records electronically, create referrals, and communicate with the pharmacy easily.

    Electronic Prescription Records

    Rx Universal Pharmacy makes it easier that ever to keep digital records of your patients’ prescriptions, helping to ensure their safety, prevent prescription drug abuse, and reduce unintentional harm caused by negative drug interactions. Quickly access to electronic records to for cross-referencing, referrals, and other needs which may arise.

    Monitoring Patient Disease State

    Keep track of patient disease states through the Universal Specialty Pharmacy online portal. Monitor outcome of clinical intervention, review lab results, and adjust treatment plans with full access to patient records.

    24  Hour Pharmacy Access

    Submit new prescriptions and consult with our specialty pharmacists at any time.

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    Fast Facts About Universal Specialty Pharmacy

    Universal Specialty Pharmacy is located in Atlanta, GA but services all of Georgia and surrounding states.
    ePrescribing allows for direct comunication and coordination of care between doctors and pharmacists.
    Refill reminders, delivery scheduling, and online bill pay make keeping up with medication simple and convenient. Financial assistance is available.
    Partnerships between specialists and pharmacists allow for greater comprehensive disease state management.
    Universal Specialty Pharmacy accepts various insurances including Medicare and Medicaid. Free benefits checks are available online.

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