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Our mission is to make the pharmacy experience simple for patients, caregivers, and medical professionals

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Save time with our easy to schedule, worry-free delivery services and convenient reminders.

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Brand or generic medications are available that will fit within your health plan and budget
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Order refills, view records, communicate with our team, and manage payments from any computer or mobile device anytime.
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Scheduled medication reminders to ensure you never miss a dose.

Access to Vital Medication

Benefits of Universal Specialty Pharmacy

Patient access to the proper specialty medications greatly improves patient health and quality of life. To help make that easier, Universal Specialty Pharmacy creates a drug management partnership between doctors and pharmacists. This cooperative relationship allows pharmacists to help survey the effectiveness of medication regimens and suggest more effective means of treatment. This drug management program helps to find the best treatment options for clients with chronic health conditions. Our comprehensive disease state management program helps to track a variety of factors in the patient’s ongoing health condition.

Beyond Prescriptions

Our Atlanta pharmacy is easy to locate and offers delivery services as needed.  We also accept a wide variety of insurances, including Medicare and Medicaid! Universal Specialty Pharmacy can also provide financial assistance to ensure you get the medication you need to maintain your health.

Online Prescriptions Made Easy!

In this modern age of technology, Universal Specialty Pharmacy is  making the process of filling prescriptions faster and easier through our state of the art online prescription service! By forming a direct connection between doctors and pharmacists, Universal Specialty Pharmacy streamlines the prescription process, eliminates miscommunication, and enhances the safety and effectiveness of medical treatment. Creating a partnership between prescribing doctors, specialists, and pharmacists allows for a coordinated effort to the benefit patients and practitioners alike.

Access to Effective Medication Through Universal Specialty Pharmacy

With many chronic medical conditions, having access to specialty medications can make managing symptoms easier, allowing for a better, more fulfilling life experience. People with well-managed health conditions can focus their energy on passions and goals rather than constantly worrying about their health. Unfortunately, what’s effective for some is not always effective for others; in these situations, alternative courses of treatment are necessary. Universal Specialty Care understands this and partners with the best doctors and pharmacies to makes these medications available to those in need.

Through Universal Specialty Pharmacy you can reduce your travel time, confusion, and frustrations by accessing all of your medical information through one easy to navigate hub!

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